Get down for the final week of Tricky Wicket Malvern!!
Our first pilot site will conclude this Sunday night.

We have relished in the greeting of cricket enthusiasts and sporting lovers from across Melbourne and beyond to our beloved venue.

Tricky Wicket may be closing the doors on our Pilot site, but we are certainly not ‘out’ of the hospitality game. We are working hard to bring Tricky Wicket 2.0 to you in a new location, which will be a ‘hit-for-six’ experience.

So with that, it’s not goodbye forever, it’s just goodbye for now.

Our final day of operation is 2 June, closing at 7pm. Come down to celebrate the closing of a chapter with great food and plenty of batting fun!

HOLIDAY TRADING: Closed January 3 - 7. Re-opening January 10th with normal trading hours.

Closed January 3 - 7.
Re-opening January 10th
with normal trading hours.

Tricky Brews

If you think of cricket you might think straight away of your staple brews. When you come to think of Tricky Wicket you will soon be thinking of some of the best beers you’ve ever had – Tricky Brews.

We don’t just serve you
‘a pint of beer’ we serve you ‘a pint of great brews’

Our very own beer brand Tricky Brews is carefully put together from some of the best brewers around the world. Our way to Tricky Wicket has brought us together with some like-minded beer enthusiasts with who we created some specialty brews for everyone! From a easy to drink lager to a very complex stout. You will find Tricky Brews in every Tricky Wicket around the globe and who knows maybe soon in your shop around the corner.

What’s a cricket session without a great brew

Just as unique as our Tricky Wicket venue, we’ve partnered with some of the best breweries locally and internationally to bring you a new breed of beers- Tricky Brews. And our range of beers has something to offer for everyone. From the classic cricket pale ale, and lagers to something more refined such as our Wheatbeer, stout and pilsner. You will never ever want to drink something else when aiming for the wickets.